15. november 2021

Denmark is placed top in the 2021 World Justice Project’s “Rule of Law Index”

The World Justice Project (WJP) is an independent organization working to build awareness and stimulate the advance of the rule of law worldwide. In the WJP “Rule of Law Index” for 2021, the Scandinavian countries are all at the top end of the index, with Denmark ranked as the number one country for operating under the rule of law.

The WJP Rule of Law Index is a leading source for original data on the rule of law. The 2021 index evaluated the performance of 139 countries in eight categories. Denmark ranks number one in five of the eight categories: Constraints on Government Powers, Absence of Corruption, Fundamental Rights, Regulatory Enforcement and Civil Justice.

The results of the WJP 2021 Index once again show that Denmark consistently provides a civil justice system that is accessible and affordable as well as free of discrimination, corruption, and improper influence by public officials, and where court proceedings are conducted without unreasonable delays and decisions are enforced effectively. This is excellent news for businesses and individuals looking to resolve their disputes in Denmark.

Ruth Caddock Hansen
Advokat (Attorney, Denmark) and solicitor (England og Wales), partner
Jørgen Pedersen
Advokat (H), partner (Attorney)
Gitte Nedergaard
Advokat (H), partner (Attorney)
David Kjær Hermansen
Advokat (Attorney)
Andreas Peter Olesen
Advokat (Attorney)
Sofie Thøgersen
Advokat (L) (Barselsorlov)
Michela Korsholm
Alvin Lee Kuiper
Puk Jespersen
Gitte Meyer
Trinh Nguyen
Alexander Hoyer Olsen
Lærke Maria Mark Jensen
Advokatstuderende (stud.jur.)
Alexander Gyldenløve Sørensen
Advokatstuderende (stud.jur.)
Niclas Vito Böttcher Neigaard
Advokatstuderende (stud.jur.)
Pia Bidstrup
Chief accountant
Laura Vrbovci Damgaard
Advokatstuderende (stud.jur.)
Mikail Özer
Advokatstuderende (stud.jur.)
Janni Føste Andersen
Advokatstuderende (stud.jur.)
Mogens Tougaard
Sales manager
Jonas Duedahl Kristiansen
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